Succeeding with Large Scale Software Development Measurement Programs

Engineers and scientists love to measure. We measure complexity of software, its performance, size and maintainability (just to name a few). We need these measurements in order to construct software, manager organizations or release high quality, high reliable products. However, there is a difference between measuring software aspects and using the measures in decision processes.Continue reading “Succeeding with Large Scale Software Development Measurement Programs”

Measuring and visualizing code stability

Working with industry always leads to a challenge how to understand and visualize large code bases – 10 million LOC and above. This is a challenge and we have addressed it by using heatmaps for visualizing code stability. Two papers describe the method and show how to do it in practice. Visualizing code stability SupportingContinue reading “Measuring and visualizing code stability”

Indicators and metrics

One of the most important concepts in successful measurement programs is the concept of an indicator. An indicator is a metrics which has a dedicated criteria for making decisions. The indicators are meant to trigger actions and decisions, while metrics are often used to monitor the implementation of the decision. An example of the distinctionContinue reading “Indicators and metrics”

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