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Information Quality

Measurement programs tend to get large and complex. A lot of metrics is collected, stored and processed. Therefore automated information quality assessment is a must.

Our information quality assessment model and tools provide the organizations with the ability to check whether the entire information collections and flow has been executed correctly.


Information quality indicators provide the checks needed to control that the information was processed correctly.

There are two types of indicators: one is for the stakeholders, which shows whether information can be trusted or not. There is only one indicator for the stakeholder. The other indicators are for the teams, showing which part of the flow was not correct.

The method is described in the book: Software Development Measurement Programs:

Self-healing of measurement systems

Knowing that the information is not correct is not enough. We can fix some of the most common problems by using self healing mechanisms.

These mechansims reduce the need for manual maintenance effort from hours to minutes per week. They also increase the MTBF from days to months.

The basic mechanism is described in this article:

The extended version can be found here:

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